Jisaan work culture

Manauar Salim Khan the CEO of Jisaan, has designed the comfortable working zone for each and every Working entity.

Managers celebrate morning tea with colleague’s, supervisor follow the same tradition.

According to my research & feedback from all the staffs and worker’s, “Morning Tea Policy” is always beautify and loveable session for everyone.

Today, I’m working as “Brand Manager” here, I clear my all doubt’s and question’s & Queries with my CEO, by the “Morning Tea Policy”. Basically, I believe and it is universal truth without any doubt, at morning we feel refuelled, refresh and ready to hit the target with physical and mental ability.

So on personal level, I suggest you to always follow the “Morning Tea Policy” with your friends, family, teacher or any genius one. It helps you to Create the entire schedule for the day and can take care of the immediate things by all 

Well, in this working hours not only one but Jisaan follow always Two policy.

Yes, I said and the second one will help you to track the all the previous record and pending alerts.

Wrapping Up Policy, always help us to understand what we’ve done and what are reminders on going.

One of the best thing that I feel in this policy is, all the senior manager’s and mentors from all the department attain the session on time with reports, so you can share your ideas on table and can observe the demand of the situation and It will help you to understand the next season of tomorrow and preparation.

Basically, this is the rotation wheel, help you to understand and to achieve the target with fresh and determined mind.

Well, this is two policy of Jisaan, surely, I’ll share the new update tomorrow.

Take care.

Iqbal Ahmed Khan
Brand Manager.

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