Monday, the beginning

No one likes Monday and it feels but the truth is that after every night there is a beginning of new day and day always starts with lots of expectation, it could even bring up the chances for us to come a step closer and do what you want.

We also do the same generally on Monday morning. The day starts with a cup of tea with the CEO and managers of all departments . We share our problems and discuss queries with each other and get suggestions from each other because Jisaan believe that “GOD has created us with multitasking ability”. Like all the companies we’ve restrictions & boundaries but with our managers friendly appearance, department work becomes so easy.

Let me explain you how ?

Other companies never accept manager’s interference with non-assigned department, we’ve followed the same policy.

However, we allow our manager’s to visit every department and share suggestions & Ideas to workers and departmental manager but never force for this because it’s not a company policy but just friendly appearance, you are welcome to accept and reject the idea.

This “Friendly Appearance” idea helps us to create brotherhood and friendly environment at Jisaan.

One of the most important thing about this policy is, that EGO clash among the managers become 0.0%.

Negative mind can give you negative idea and sign of downfall but positive mind is source of productivity and quality.

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