Type of Kids Wear in India

Kids wear are usually more casual as compared to adults. Changing trends and new fashion arrivals are inspiring parents to dress their children as they would dress themselves. Different types Kids wear are available in the market. Some of them include Dhoti/pant kurta, Indo westerns, waistcoat suit, Three piece suit, Blazers, etc. These varieties of kids wear are really a perfect blend of elegance, style & glamour. It’s a boon of modern trend that we get finely curated and handpicked apparels that will surely brighten up your kids mood.
Dhoti kurta– Dhoti kurta is the traditional wear of Indian’s since Mahatma Gandhi’s (Pre-Independence era) . It is worn on festivals and wedding occasions . To make that event a memorable one for you kid, we need to choose a good one for the same.
Kurta– Kurta is an upper garment for Boys/mens. There are various styles of kids kurta such as Bhopali kurta, Hyderabadi kurta, Lucknowi kurta, etc.
Dhoti/ Pant– Dhoti is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually around 4-5 metres long, wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted at the waist. Jisaan’s Kurta Payjama/ pants goes well with nehru jackets over it. It is also known as modi jacket. It is usually worn on weddings and festivals to give best look on this festive season. The look is even more refined when you add on the jacket. Jackets are in great patterns and designer looks so that you get a good get-up look when worn.

Indo western– Indo western dress is basically a combination of Indian and western fashion with creative blend of styles. It is preferred by all class and ages. It also goes well on kids. It is an innovative fashion choice all over India. It has a great demand also in west. This western ethnic fusion is really lovely to wear and have a snap. After all, It’s a traditional Indian trend to be taken forward with a modern sense. It is one of the biggest and most trending fashion since its beginning. Indo western dresses by Jisaan gives your kid an amazing look with compromising on fashion. There are variety of enchanting kids Indo western outfits available in the market. They are usually made of imported fabrics of great quality. It gives your kid a great look as well as comfort ability without fearing about creasing. Fusion wear is taking place all around the globe and is really a perfect modern ethnic wear to give immense satisfaction.

Three Piece Suit– Three piece suit consists of a Shirt/Tuxedo, waistcoat(vest), a coat and a trouser. Three piece suit is a fashion classic and perfect for delivering a classy look. A three piece suit needn’t be too formal, as the cut, choice of fabric; colour and accessories can change their look and make them a versatile element of your wardrobe. Firstly, do the top button of your shirt up, but when it comes to your waistcoat, tradition dictates that you leave the bottom button undone. As for your jacket, again don’t do up the bottom-most button, as it will help you to retain a crisp, smart silhouette. If you’re looking for a newly designed Three piece suit for kids and still not sure about what’s suitable for a specific occasion, lookout for something classy with great combinations. The best option for your kid is to buy a neutral/normal colour shade with a waistcoat of same colour. There are varieties of colours, fabrics, styles and finishing touches to choose from. Your kid can really look sharp in this modern kids ethnic wear stylish and of course ideal for a wedding function or any special occasion to happen. This tailored suit piece by Jisaan are crafted of a comfortable material for your kid to look enchanting and one-side ravishing. You can also pair your 

Two Piece Suit– It is an upper-body garment for males without sleeves and collar and buttoning down the front. It also has a back-strap to tighten or loosen the waistcoat. It is usually worn over a coat or a jacket. Waistcoats really look classy, style and adorable appearance. Choosing a bright colour also gives your kid a beauty and great look. Waistcoat goes well with a three piece suit. There is a great choice in kids ethnic wear. Waistcoats not only goes on formal attire but also suitable & ideal for an event, party or occasion or festival. Waistcoats by Jisaan are designed especially to be worn over a formal/semi formal three piece suit or any casual wear. There are different kids waistcoat styles available in the market with different variations in colours, patterns, prints, checks, cuts, buttons, pockets, fittings, etc or any other alterations. To finish a look your kid can wear a tie or a bow. Waistcoats are a part of western formals. You can give it a great and distinctive look and can find amazing contrast colours to play with shoes and other accessories such as bow, tie, watch, etc. Waistcoats by Jisaan are really good to level-up the style quotient. waistcoats goes well with a casual shirt or a jacket to look somewhat different.

Jodhpuri – Jodhpuri suit is a formal suit and it originated from Jodhpur state of Rajasthan. It became popular while Britisher’s were ruling India. The material of Jodhpuri’s can be silk, jacquard, plain, jamewari , velvet, jute, linen or any other suiting material. It goes well with matching colour buttons, a square pocket, a brooch and trousers over it. We should try something new rather than a traditional sherwani. The Bandhgala looks classy with printed or matte colour buttons , trendy tailored cut, etc. You can hunt down various other styles in Jodhpuri. Customising the Jodhpuri includes smart hand-done floral embroidery in vivid colours on natural-hue fabrics or hand painted exquisite floral Jodhpuri to look absolutely stunning. It is usually worn on wedding functions such as Sangeet night. It is good to wear on weddings and formal gatherings. Jodhpuri suits by Jisaan have a good element of comfort and magnificence and usually the range is also quite affordable.

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