About us

Jisaan is leading brand & manufacturer for “Kids & Mens Ethnics Wear” in India.
From last 5 years Jisaan has created the long lasting impact on kids fashion industries.

Our target at jisaan is to create an impact with unforgettable memories and everyday we try our best. It is very common for today any organisation to appoint a fabric, specialist team and collect best quality fabric for the outfit, but at Jisaan, the tradition is completely opposite. Our CEO Mr. Manauar Salim Khan, personally greet and meet with fabric dealers and arrange the quality test and after all satisfactory test, Jisaan for forward. If we do a survey about the fabric, then I’m very much sure that you will be receiving the positive result about Rajisthan, Gujrat, fabric. We collect our best and max fabric from all those states.

Our CEO Mr. Manauar Salim Khan believes that great result is symbol of team work. Jisaan is doing this magic from last 5 years and our buyer’s is our proof, the price and quality that we offer is still a challenge in the market.This was not possible without our team huddles like Jisaan’s COO Mr. Samser Khan.

Offering products or fulfilling the demand of buyer’s is not possible without perfect internal management, and jisaan is thankful to Mr. Sarwar Salim Khan & Mr. Aquib Nayeem for accomplishing this task.

Since 2013 Jisaan work culture was completely traditional, brand and products were not associated with digital arena and online world. Well changes & evolution is part of our life, that’s why in 2018, CEO Mr. Manauar Salim Khan has decided to change the work culture, for example, launching a website and getting a permanent server and cloud system for employees and clients.

To change the work and with the thought of new implementation Jisaan has appointed Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan as” Brand Development Manager”, but today jisaan has healthy business planning for the next 5 years under the guidance of Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan.

As per the vision of Mr. Manauar Salim Khan, Jisaan need changes and new implementation to get identity on the online world and competition is very healthy, that’s why digital marketing is our basic implementation of marketing and brand promotion and basically Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan is digital marketign strategist.

Manufacturing product or good profit is not possible without customer appreciate and choice and choice mean beautiful designs and cloths. Hence, Jisaan is thankful to the designers.


Manauar Salim Khan


Idea of Jisaan was originated by CEO himself in 2008.

Today Jisaan is leading company in India for “Kids Wear” with traditional and western touch. We are associated with “The Clothing Manufacturing Association of India” and our newly association is “RGAA” or “Readymade Garment Agent Association”.

Inspired by globalisation & specialisation, kids fashion never received any branch of thought and innovation. Here Jisaan is ready to create options with variable choices in Boys ethnics wear, Indo-Western, Dhoti Combo, Jodhpuri, Coat Suit and Blazer.

Choices are always our first bell to hit, that’s why Jisaan never wants to disappoint a single client. Hence, our new creation is for boys and mens.

In India we know the demand of our audience and that’s why our designers just not create the designs but serve love, happiness and smile with lots of creativity in every product.

We’ve received many recognition and award for our designs & orders. Jisaan is always ready to fulfil bulk orders as usual on time because we value our client relationship and respect the customers demand. Quantity always effect the quality but here at Jisaan we not only want to be productive but to deliver quality with quantity.

Our fabric and materials touch the manufacturing team after many quality checks and critics. We only use the finest and certified materials and quality fabrics for our products.Jisaan is now the choice of the many retail giants across all over the country and we want to serve to many more with smile.

Jisaan is now the choice of the many wholesale and retail giants across all over the country and would like to serve to many more with smile.

India is one of the largest textiles exporting countries in the world. There are many big companies of textiles & garments across the country who are mainly manufacturers and Jisaan is one of them. Jisaan is an Indian clothes manufacturer which has rich and exquisite collection that will make your kid look sensuous and classy. Shop children’s clothing in easy-to-care styles that lasts. Introduce smart style with boys suits for an elegant finish. Check out Indian clothes manufacturer collections and designer collaborations for casual, party & occasional kids ethnic wear. Discover our new styles. Indian wear manufacturer are enhanced with functional elements and contrast materials.

Jisaan is an Indian brand that creates designer and unique kids ethnic wear clothes with high quality and luxurious materials. Indian clothes manufacturer will be dressing your kid in suave and stylish manner this festive occasion. The Indian fashion industry is a huge export source for the global fashion arena as far as fabrics and apparels are concerned. The expertise level of the Indian clothes manufacturer and designers especially in the field of dress manufacturing and fashion designing have reached all time height. The world is coming to the doors of the Indian clothing manufacturers for exploring the novel approaches and opening new trend in the realm of world fashion industry. The designers have brought in new expressions for Indian clothes manufacturer. It is a joyful experience wearing the maxi and the designer maxis are well sought after items in the western markets.

Vision & Goals:-
To establish Integrated composite self sustainable textile and fashion industry
To maximise export sales in Indian ethnic collections
To provide best of the products at the lowest prices with great online shopping experience
Enhance Quality and Honesty in the product with great customer satisfaction & trust.

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